Zimbabwe: Stadium Renovations Set for Resumption

HARARE City Council are preparing the ground for the resumption of renovation works at both Rufaro and Gwanzura stadiums.

Operations had to be stopped, over two months ago, after some members of the municipality tested positive for coronavirus. But work at the facilities is set to resume as the spread of the virus has slowed down.

Harare City spokesperson, Michael Chideme, confirmed their artisans will be returning to the venues soon.

“We had halted work at the two stadiums (Rufaro and Gwanzura) which we were upgrading.

“All along, we were moving with slow speed as we implemented all Covid-19 regulations, including social distancing.

“That meant progress was very slow.

“But, we are now finalising the arrangements to return to work. This time we will try to expedite the processes since the facilities could be needed anytime soon.”

Rufaro was flagged by the ZIFA First Instance Board early this year, after failing to meet the minimum requirements to host top-flight games.

Gwanzura has suffered from neglect over the past five years.

The condemnation of Rufaro, by the stadium experts, coupled by the media outcry over the sorry state of Gwanzura, prompted the Municipality to set aside a budget and appoint a team to work on giving both facilities a facelift.

Significant progress had been made at Gwanzura, with rusty sewer pipes replaced and drainage improved.