Whirlwinds look for huge improvement | High School

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Timmonsville captain Christian Taylor runs the stairs during summer workouts.

TIMMONSVILLE, S.C. – In 2019, Thomas McFadden knew he had a lot of talent entering his first year as Timmonsville’s coach.

But when that talent is young, not everything can go smoothly.

As a result, the Whirlwinds went 2-8.

But entering this season, McFadden thinks memories from last year – in addition to past experience on the field – can help Timmonsville turn things around.

“We had so many first-year starters last year,” McFadden said. ”So after playing last year, they should be more comfortable. They’re battle-tested now, so that will go a long way. We already know where they fit, so that will be a plus for us.”


Christian Taylor returns as the Whirlwinds’ quarterback.

“His confidence level is a little higher than last year,” McFadden said. “Last year, he was unsure whether he could make this throw or that throw. But this year, he appears to have a lot more knowledge about that. And the offensive line is a whole lot better, so he doesn’t have to worry about that as much.”

Jayden Ford returns at running back.

“He will be a big plus back there,” McFadden said. “He’s a lot bigger and a lot faster. He’s tough and is the real deal. He’s so shifty. If he gets into the open, watch out.”

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