Vehicle Plows Into 2nd Floor of Long Island Home

It was a surprise of a lifetime for Nicole Geddes’ family when a car flew into the second floor of her Medford, Long Island, home Wednesday morning.

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“I heard my daughter screaming for me. I heard, ‘My eyes! My eyes,” Nicole told News 4 New York as she described her harrowing morning.

Nicole said she ran upstairs to see a window shattered and her 20-year-old daughter who has been sleeping in bed was under a pile of debris.

“She flew off the bed and fell in between the two beds,” Nicole said.

Zoe Geddes, 14, was also sleeping in the room at the time and remembers “stuff hitting me — it was loud.”

Police say the driver of the 2002 Honda involved in this gravity-defying incident was 22-year-old Jose Argueta Garcia. Police say he was speeding before he lost control of the car.

Nicole said she believes a berm they had installed to protect their house gave him the ability to go airborne.  

“He came through the berm that we built to protect the yard….just airborne,” she said.

Despite the severity of the crash, the driver tried to walk away from the scene, according to police. He was later arrested. It is unclear if he has been charged with anything or if he has retained an attorney.

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