Top 3 Best Wall Colors Ideas For Your Living Room [Video]

The living room is probably the most popular space in any house, and it is easily the most important room when it comes to decor. The wall colors have a postive impact on our mood as well as our home. Deciding on the best paint colors can be a challenge for most people. Are you are confused about the same? Well, we can help! You are watching NYK. To make it easier for you, we’ve got some great living room wall colour ideas.

Yes, the all-white is among the most popular living room colors idea that never gets old. A living room with white shade walls helps to make your living room feel brighter. Try to maintain visual interest by incorporating classy furniture & layers of texture.


Yes, a fresh color, green is totally in these days. Green sofa covers, green kitchen sets, so why not green living room? This color of harmony and renewal is one of the best paint colors for living rooms. A shade of green is sure to be fresh as well as make the space feel happy & pleasing to be in.


Blue is the most preferred color for living rooms, due to its calming and relaxing qualities. Believe it or not, just looking at a blue room can calm you down and enhance your mood. This is also a great choice of color for creating an inviting living room space.

So, which color idea was your most favourite?

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