TikTok video reveals bizarre Aussie shower habit expats find weird

Australian slang is known for causing confusion among tourists and expats.

From our everyday habit of adding an “o” to everything to expressions people who didn’t grow up Down Under find totally puzzling like “yeah, nah” and “have a good one” – it’s fair to say our local dialect is unique.

But one Dutch woman who currently lives in Sydney has uncovered a shower habit she reckons happens only in Australia and it has left her totally confused.

Evelien, who goes by the name @eefexplores on TikTok, revealed in a video that’s been viewed almost 200,000 times that she’s recently started dating an Aussie guy.

“When I was at his place for the first time and I went to the bathroom, I saw this,” she said, moving her camera around to show an empty Corona bottle on top of the bathroom vanity.

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“A beer… in his bathroom,” she continues, a perplexed look on her face.

She goes on to explain she asked him why he has a beer bottle in his bathroom, to which she said he tells her “oh, it’s just a shower beer”.

Evelien however had never heard of the beloved Australian penchant for an ice cold one in a steaming hot shower, proceeding to ask all the important questions. “What and why?”

Her new boyfriend explained a shower beer is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

“You get into the shower and it’s nice and hot and you just have this nice, cold shower beer,” she said he told her.

“Well, I’ve never heard of this before,” she said, before asking followers if they knew of the bathroom habit.

The video has attracted heaps of attention, with many declaring “shower beers are the best”.

“Shower beers are life changing,” one said, while another wrote we do culture “better than anyone”.

“It’s very Australian, like one of our best kept secrets,” another explained.

“Definitely just an Aussie thing, but I think we have the best ideas,” someone else added.

While another declared the shower beer was a “very true blue Aussie thing”.

Others were shocked it was a habit only Australians enjoyed, declaring people in other countries were “missing out”.

Many also shared items they liked to enjoy in the shower, including a Zooper Dooper and glass of wine.

Of course, there were a few who thought the habit was a bit “weird” – but what do they know.

Chatter about shower beers has also recently erupted on Twitter where many shared snaps of their bevvy’s in the bathroom – and while it’s been declared “an Aussie thing” there were photos of beers popping up all over the place.

“Shower beers are best beers,” one US user wrote, while another said it was the “cure” for a rough day.

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