Three Things BYU Football Can do to Show Improvement Against UTSA

Let’s be honest, it’s been hard to poke holes in BYU’s performance through three games this season. Could the defense force more turnovers? Sure. Could BYU limit a few missed assignments and missed tackles on defense? Yes. However, it’s hard not to like what you’ve seen from BYU in the early goings of the 2020 season. BYU is playing well on both sides of the ball – the Cougars lead the country in both total offense and total defense. 

Despite the domination, any good football coach would tell you that BYU still has room to grow. Here are three things BYU can do on Saturday to show they have improved since the Navy game:

1. Zach Wilson throws touchdowns in red zone 

Zach Wilson is off to a great start to the 2020 season. He has thrown for 949 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception through three games. His performance has been spectacular, but there is one area where I’d like to see Wilson to improve – throwing touchdowns in the red zone. Of his six touchdown passes, only two have been in the red zone. Through three games, Wilson hasn’t throw a TD pass inside the 10 yard line. I’d like to see Coach Grimes call some plays that will allow Wilson to throw the ball close to the goal line.  

2. Continue to dominate in the trenches on offense

UTSA will be the best defensive line that BYU has faced in 2020. The Roadrunners are averaging 10 tackles for loss per game which is the fifth best average in the country. If BYU’s offensive line continues to dominate against UTSA (while potentially missing two starters) then BYU fans should feel even better about the 2020 offensive line.

3. Limit big plays on defense

Over the last two games, the defensive starters have allowed one touchdown per game. On both touchdown drives, one big play set up the touchdown. If BYU can limit big plays on Saturday, it will be a sign of improvement as BYU heads into their game against Houston.

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