The Work-From-Home Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

AIOps adds a magic touch to mobile experiences in a work-from-anywhere world.

These days, it can feel as if our world is being toyed with by a not-so-benevolent jinn. 

In Middle East folklore, a jinn—or genie to Western audiences—can bring destruction and disease, or good luck and abundance. So when we think of the COVID crisis and the curious combination of suffering and opportunity left in its wake, supernatural dabbling might as well be in the mix. 

Mischievous spirits notwithstanding, one thing we know for sure—when it comes to the way we work, the genie is, indeed, out of the bottle.  

The pandemic is forcing us to rethink our relationship to the workplace. Seen through this lens, the genie has unleashed creativity, innovation, and productivity never before imagined. For those who can get work done without being in a specific location, things will never be the same. And while today’s crisis-driven. circumstances are jarring, the transition to remote work has been brewing for years.  

IT is the key 

As a globetrotting IT professional, I’ve spent the last two decades working from anywhere. If I wasn’t traveling for business, I was working from a home office. This was all enabled, albeit clunkily, by IT. In those early days when my 50-pound deskside computer crashed, I used a moving dolly to maneuver it into my car and then drove to the closest corporate office to get it fixed.  

Today, I carry my work computer in the palm of my hand.  

Companies with the foresight to implement a mobile-first, AI-driven digital. infrastructure were able to move workers offsite without missing a beat. With AIOps on their side, they were able to roll with the COVID punches, respond quickly, and make informed decisions.  

Mobile first  

When AIOps meets a mobile experience, magic happens. But only if an organization has followed the mobile-first philosophy of designing an experience for mobile before designing it for any other device.   

More and more organizations are migrating their customer and employee services to mobile apps. Common examples include paying bills, buying or requesting goods, or checking work email. These apps are increasingly becoming the primary and, in some cases, only way to access services. 

Historically, however, the mobile app user experience can be less than ideal. If a user experiences a slow response or inability to log in, they will often simply go on to their next task without contacting customer service. These “silent” usability issues are frustrating and can, over time, lead to lost customers.  

This is where AIOps comes in. Through proactive log monitoring, AIOps can help customer service and IT operations teams avoid this scenario altogether.    

For example, if customers are having trouble accessing a banking app on their mobile devices, AIOps could monitor and flag the issue to the IT Ops team by indicating “you are getting mobile device errors out of the ordinary”. AIOps is the key to catching mobile issues related to any of the services it is monitoring and preventing bigger issues, like an outage. 

Another AI-driven component enabling the work-from-anywhere experience are virtual agents— automated conversational chatbots. Virtual agents deliver round-the-clock self-service to anyone with a connection and a device. They’re the IT, HR, employee, and customer mobile support system that never sleeps. 

Techie genie 

AIOps may not give you three wishes, but it does give organizations x-ray vision into their infrastructure and applications. It may not protect you from evil, but it does help companies boost risk management and reduce vulnerabilities. AIOps won’t lead you to a cave of wonders, but it can drive significant cost savings. 

In a way, AIOps really does bring a magical element to the work-from-home experience. By imbuing digital workflows with artificial intelligence to solve problems before a user knows there is one, AIOps makes it possible for people to work for wherever, without impediment.  

To quote The Arabian Nights, “A truth once seen by a single mind ends up by imposing itself on the totality of human consciousness.”  

Human consciousness now knows the possibilities of working from anywhere. And there’s no going back.

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