The most reliable and versatile kitchen shears for the busy kitchen

If you don’t appreciate how important a good, reliable pair of kitchen shears is to your food prep station, we can only assume you order a lot of takeout. Most people know that nothing can grind kitchen work to a halt faster than needing a good pair of heavy duty scissors and not having them handy.

a vase of flowers on a table: Looking sharp.

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Looking sharp.

To ensure you never find yourself in that predicament, we recommend a selection of kitchen shears designed to be easy to clean, up for any job (even very specific ones), and reliably sharp. When you’re looking to cut ingredients, don’t cut corners.

a close up of a knife: The perfect twofer.

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The perfect twofer.

Shears are one of the most reached-for items in your kitchen…which means they are also likely to the most often misplaced. For those who’d rather not calculate time spent looking for kitchen shears vs. time spent actually using them, we recommend Clear Style. Not only does its Swiss Army Knife-like design make it suitable for cutting poultry, fish, and vegetables as easily as it can slice through product packaging, but they are machine washable and, best of all, come in a set of two. You’ll have them clean and handy for any and every job.

a large pair of scissors: Looking sharp.

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Looking sharp.

Sometimes, simple is all you need. Although touted as multipurpose, these OXO kitchen shears aren’t loaded with special features—just a simple pair of sharp blades that can be detached, and an herb stripper nestled between two padded and comfortable handles. The best part is that the OXOs are machine washable, and can withstand a lot of use (and washing) without developing rust or discoloration on the blades. The stainless steel blades can also tackle cardboard and twine as well as meat and veggies.

a close up of scissors: The ergonomic design is super comfortable.

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The ergonomic design is super comfortable.

There used to be an old TV commercial where a knife salesman showed just how sharp and versatile his knives were by slicing through a tomato and then an aluminum can. These Sky Light shears may be the kitchen shear equivalent. Touted as some of the sharpest kitchen scissors available, the high carbon German stainless steel blades are also strong enough to slice through chicken bones as easily as hard plastic. The shears are molded to include a bottle opener, nut cracker, and fish scaler.

a close up of a knife: Power tool.

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Power tool.

Most people reach for kitchen shears simply to perform standard scissor tasks such as cutting a piece of twine or opening a bag or trimming a stem. But there are also shears that are designed for more specialized and specific tasks, such as cutting through the skin and bones of poultry. The Gerior poultry shears boast a textured grip (which is great when dealing with slippery chicken or fish), and the scissors themselves are spring-loaded but still easy to take apart – which is an ideal mix of versatile and strong. They are designed to scale fish and cut chicken, are exceptionally easy to clean, and even feature a small bottle opener mounted on the back of the bottom handle.

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