Suspect in fake massage gang plunges to death from balcony

A British man locked up by a six-member gang escaped when a previous victim spotted the suspects and called police, Dubai Criminal Court was told.

On November 7 of last year, police responded to an Indian man’s call reporting a gang of six Nigerians for robbing people after luring them with offers of massages.

When officers arrived at the suspects’ hotel apartment in Dubai’s Al Barsha, they were met with fierce resistance.

“One male suspect attacked police officers, punching one in the eye. But he was taken into custody,” said a Dubai policeman.

“Another female suspect jumped from the balcony and fell to her death.”

A British man was then found locked up in the bathroom.

“He told us he was lured with the offer of a massage but after arriving at the suspects’ apartment, he was attacked, robbed and confined in the bathroom,” said the officer.

The man said the defendants stole Dh1,800 and his iPhone 11 Pro. The remaining suspects were arrested on an adjacent balcony and one when his screams alerted police to his hiding place.

“We found out that he had jumped from the balcony and suffered multiple fractures. Then he started screaming when he no longer could endure the pain.”

Police investigations subsequently revealed the gang, who were aged between 22 and 37, had been offering massages to lure victims and then rob them.

It was not evident what floor the apartment was located on.

They denied the charges of theft and the next hearing was scheduled for September 24.

Updated: August 13, 2020 05:07 PM

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