Stevens Auction Company playing a part in theatre renovation effort | Living

A vintage movie theatre renovation is familiar territory for anyone who has lived in Aberdeen for a while. Just like how several families pitched in during the 1980s to revive the rundown Elkin Theatre, a group in Decatur, Alabama is doing the same for the Princess Theatre, which now acts as a performing arts center.

During an Aug. 22 auction at the Princess Theatre, which will also be online, Stevens Auction Company of Aberdeen is conducting the sale of approximately 450 vintage movie posters spanning from the 1930s to 1960s to help with the continuing effort.

“It’s a lot of really influential people there who all just pitched in to buy it, and they’ve been working on it ever since. They’re doing a lot of good and doing a lot of events there,” said auction company owner Dwight Stevens.

He said a gentleman who worked at the Princess Theatre in his younger years accumulated several movie posters when they were taken down and saved them for years. Stevens said overall, the collection included as many as 3,500 movie posters.

“He has donated these as a fundraiser to the Princess Theatre,” Stevens said. “It shows what happens when people work together. We did that here earlier with the Elkin, which has been doing good for years. That’s what they’re doing with the Princess.

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