‘SNL,’ Benedict Cumberbatch spoof Wisconsin’s Kohler Co. toilets

It was six years between bathroom breaks, but Benedict Cumberbatch once again dropped trou on “Saturday Night Live” to spoof Kohler Co. toilets.

In a sequel to the 2016 skit that had the first-time “SNL” host demonstrating the Wisconsin company’s non-existent reverse bowl “Koohl Toilet,” Cumberbatch was back for silly seconds on Saturday, this time touting a toilet that lets you kick back and put your feet up.

“Introducing The ReKhline from Kohler, the world’s first toilet with a reclining tank and extendable footrest, bringing laid-back casual comfort into the bathroom for the first time,” says the voiceover in the fake commercial, as a cool Cumberbatch in sunglasses and a suit hits the toilet’s remote control and sprawls out with a cocktail in hand.

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The setup was similar to the original “SNL” skit, a take on Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial introducing the Macintosh computer. In a dystopian future, rows of students in uniforms are sitting on standard toilets reciting the only acceptable way to use it. That’s upright, no slouching, feet on the floor.

“What should sitting on the toilet never be?” the instructor demands.

“Comfortable or relaxing,” the students respond.

Enter Cumberbatch to introduce “the next big thing” — and use a couple of pages from a textbook as toilet paper.

In 2016, the “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” star introduced “The Koohl Toilet by Kohler, a sleek reverse bowl toilet that you sit on the cool way, backwards with your arms casually draped over the top. The craftsmanship you expect from Kohler, coupled with revolutionary design that brings confidence into the bathroom.”

The real Kohler Company got such a kick out of the original sketch, it responded with a spoof of its own, posting on social media an image of Kohler President and CEO David Kohler sitting backward on a black toilet, dressed like Cumberbatch.