Shocking! Video of snake emerging from toilet bowl in Texas bathroom goes viral

Finding a lizard in a bathroom is enough to scare a lot of people. Finding a snake in the bathroom is thousand times more terrifying. Well, this is exactly what happened in a bathroom in West Texas, USA. A video of a snake emerging from a toilet bowl has gone viral on social media. The video uploaded by Twitter user Payton Malone now has over 2 million views on the social media platform. According to Malone, the video was taken at his friends’ house in West Texas.

In the video, a snake is seen slowly emerging from the toilet bowl. A person is seen making an attempt to remove it from the toilet bowl. The video cuts short because of which the final result is not known.

“I always thought this was an irrational fear of mine…apparently not. Friend out in west Texas found this,” Payton Malone said in the caption of his post.

Snakes living in sewers and toilets have always been an urban myth but this video is now proof that there maybe be some truth to the myth after all. One person in the replies to Malone’s tweet explained how snakes find their way into the toilets of American citizens.

“I live in Houston and everyone always makes sure the toilet lid is always down when not in use. If there’s a break in the sewer system, in your own line or the cities lines, they’ll come in that way. People are always wondering how snakes get in their homes, this is how,” the user said.

Many netizens have said that the video is horrifying and from now on they will have to double-check before using the bathroom. Some Twitter users like always found some humour in the situation. Here are some reactions of netizens to the snake coming out of the toilet bowl

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