Several veteran organizations step in to help disabled veteran scammed out of remodeling job | WTAJ

ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — A disabled veteran was scammed out of a $30,000 kitchen remodeling job last August, and now several Veterans organizations are stepping up to finish the job—and could use some help.

Brenda Plantt is a former Army training aide, who hired an independent contractor to tear out a wall, build new cabinets and replace flooring.  

He ripped off the cabinets, a wall, and even took the kitchen sink, before taking off. 

Brenda’s kitchen is very different from what she had envisioned when she paid the independent contractor 30 grand to remodel the space.  

“Every time I went down to my kitchen and I had to do something I would cry because I’d see it and I was thinking I paid all this money for the house and I’m living in one room” Plantt said. 

Living day to day is a nightmare for her. 

“If I need to wash my hands down here I take bottled water and I bring it outside and I wash my hands from there,” Plantt continued.

“I take everything I need from out of the refrigerator and I put it in the dining room. Then I just have to cut up everything in the dining room or get cardboard.”

When Army veteran Robert Bradley, President of the Chad Edmonson Memorial Foundation, heard about Brenda’s situation, he was angry. 

“I was pretty well upset; we have a single veteran whose of elderly age who was taken advantage of by an area contractor who was supposed to have a good reputation,” Bradley said. 

“The door does not open and close properly you have to put strength into it.”

“He removed the kitchen sink, and there’s nothing. Shes been living here for a year like this, no kitchen sink,” Bradley continued.

“So he took advantage of a senior citizen who’s a disabled American veteran who served her country faithfully.”

“It kills us, it kills us to see veterans taken advantage of you know,” said Chad Williams, Commander of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.

Chad Williams is commander of the Combat Veteranns Motorcycle Association. 

He got pretty emotional seeing what someone did to a fellow veteran and he’s determined to set things right.  

“We’re gonna have to tear up a lot of the work that was done improperly, its gonna have to be redone,” said Williams.

Williams and Bradley are planning to start the project in the next couple of weeks, and they could use some help. 

“If we could get a few volunteers that would be amazing,” Williams continued. 

They say they could also use some tools.  

And Brenda says she couldn’t be happier. 

“I’m so excited. So excited,” Plantt said.

WTAJ reached out to the contractor’s lawyer and did not receive a reply.  

If you would like to donate your time, or tools, to this project, call Bob Bradley at 814-935-0117 OR visit Chad Edmonson Memorial Foundation on Facebook.

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