Renovations to make Bowman Gray Stadium more fan-friendly will begin early next month | WSSU

Bowman Gray Stadium renovations

Gray Garrison, who promotes the auto racing at Bowman Gray Stadium, said fans for both football and racing will love the improvements.

Architect Walter Robb and Frank L. Blum Construction will work together during the project.

Another part of this phase to the project is upgrading water pressure.

“The utilities have to be upgraded, and that’s something that’s been needed for a while,” Rowe said.

Gray Garrison, the promoter of Bowman Gray Stadium racing, says the needed renovations will go a long way toward fans’ comfort.

Bowman Gray Stadium renovations

Architectural renderings of proposed renovations to Bowman Gray Stadium. 

“Everybody is looking for better amenities when they go out to any sporting event, and what they have planned will certainly help,” Garrison said. “The project has its challenges because there are two major tenants who use it most of the year, but we are glad they have about a two-month jump on this and are getting started. This will be good for both the football fans and the racing fans.”

Garrison said that resurfacing of the asphalt track planned for the 2022 season will also be welcomed by drivers.

“I think the last time the track was completely redone was in the late 1980s,” Garrison said. “That’s going to be well-received because that track has taken a beating for a long time.”

If WSSU can play football by next fall, the program will have a new grass field.

Rowe said the Bermuda grass field will be renovated with new sod and a better drainage system underneath the field. There’s a definitive crown in the middle of the entire field, and it has been that way for several years because of erosion.

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