Pokemon Home Gets Huge Update

pokemon home
(Photo: Nintendo)

The Pokemon Home app has gotten a major update, with numerous changes meant to make the process of finding Pokemon to trade and collect a whole lot easier. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company began its rollout of a new version of Pokemon Home, the cloud-based storage and trading app. The new update provides a ton of additional quality of life options, meant to make the app an easier experience. The most notable change is improved search result filters for the GTS system, including an improved filter to remove trade listings involving Legendary, Mythical, and other special Pokemon. Players can also now place multiple Pokemon in the Wonder Box at once. Other improvements include the ability to view Pokemon Natures in Battle Data, new informational features, and new Challenge completion messages to show players what was they actually accomplished.

Pokemon Home was launched late last year as a cloud-based service to allow players to store their Pokemon remotely. Unlike the Pokemon Bank app for the Nintendo 3DS, players can access the app through their mobile device and can even set up trades on their phones. Players can even participate in Wonder Trades and Room Trades to grab random Pokemon through the app.

These new changes indicate that the Pokemon Company is indeed committed to making the app a semi-permanent home for a player’s Pokemon collection. The purpose of the app is to prevent players from needing to mass-transfer their Pokemon from one generation of games in order to keep their collection accessible. Eventually, the app will also have cross-compatability with Pokemon Go, although once a Pokemon enters Pokemon Home, it can’t be put back into the game.

Pokemon Home is available to download for free on the Nintendo eShop, and the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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