PlayStation Reveals Huge PSN Improvement Ahead of PS5

Ahead of the PS5, Sony is making a substantial improvement to PlayStation Network and PSN accounts that PS4 players have been asking for since the console launched in 2013. More specifically, Sony has announced that it’s unifying all of its accounts, which means you will only need one account to access a variety of Sony services, which is a huge improvement on the current system that requires separate account information for each Sony service.

With this change, a single account with Sony will cover the following: PlayStation Network, PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Video, Sony Rewards, Sony Community, Xperia Lounge, Xperia Store, Xperia Care, and more.

If this feature sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft has been doing this with Xbox and its services for a while. With this change, you will no longer need to manage countless accounts and passwords, which should save PlayStation players a lot of trouble.

For more information on how all of this works, how to take advantage of the new system, and a FAQ answering every other type of question, click here.

This news comes on the back of the reveal that the PlayStation Store is getting overhauled with some equally big, but also controversial changes in the name of streamlining. Whether all of this streamlining and makeover is being prepared for the PS5 or if it’s simply a coincidence, who knows. What’s clear is that Sony is polishing the rough edges of the user experience on PlayStation, which should go a long way in improving the experience of using the PS5 compared to the PS4. This isn’t to say the user experience on PS4 is bad, but there are facets of it that are outdated, which makes sense, as most of it was designed and realized pre-2013.

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