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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The owner of a roofing company is in hot water after being arrested over the weekend for home improvement fraud.

According to the arrest warrant, James Kenton, owner of Tennessee Metal Roofing, was charged Saturday with home improvement fraud over $1,000.

According to the warrant, a customer said a representative from the company quoted him nearly $12,000 for a new metal roof. The customer said he paid a down payment around $1,100 and signed a contract.

The warrant said the representative from the company completed an inspection and told the customer that the contract was “no longer valid” and a new contract needed to be completed, one that was “significantly higher.”

The warrant said the customer refused to sign a new contract and request a refund, but never got it. The customer filed a police report.

According to the warrant, investigators asked Kenton if he received the customer’s money and deposited the victim’s check.

Kenton allegedly replied, “You’re damn right I did, and he’s not getting his money back.”

News4 reached out to Tennessee Metal Roofing’s attorney Joe Calvert.

“This is just people trying to get out of their obligation. That’s all it boils down to,” said Calvert, who feels the customer is just trying to get out of his contract.

“The police statement basically has incorrect numbers, incorrect dates, incorrect facts,” said Calvert.

This is not the first person to complain about Tennessee Metal Roofing’s business practices.

Whenever Jennifer Bracy things about Tennessee Metal Roofing and Kenton, she said her blood boils.

“Shame on you! You fooled me. You’re fooling a lot of people,” said Bracy.

Bracy said she contacted the company last July to purchase a roof. The installation started around mid-August.

“It just really was kind of a bad experience from the start,” said Bracy. “During this process, we still had six new leaks that they had developed by cutting all the trip edges short to water coming into the door jams.”

Bracy claimed the leaks got worse the heavier it rained.

“At one point we came home and there was a severe thunderstorm that evening. It was a Sunday evening and I found a couple of new leaks and I told the owner, ‘You know, this is really going badly,’ and he told me he didn’t control the rain.”

Bracy said the company charged her $23,000. She claimed the work was poorly done and she had to remove it five months after completion to prevent further damage to her home.

News4 asked Calvert about Bracy’s situation. He said Bracy and Kenton are currently battling out her complaint in court.

“She falsely sued Mr. Kenton when she had a claim against Tennessee Metal Inc.,” said Calvert. “The trial is on for next Thursday. I’m getting an admission from her attorney in writing that she is an improper party.”

“Shame on you for making this your living and stealing from people, and you know that the work is subpar and you know it’s gonna mess up their house,” said Bracy.

News4 filed an open records request with the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance and discovered another complaint against the company in Nashville from March. The customer said she paid $24,900 for her roof. After noticing problems, she also tried contacting the company, but never heard back. The case remains open.


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