Our favorite items to better your bath time experience

1. New towels

You might not think your towels make a big difference in your bathing experience, but they do! There’s nothing quite like finishing your bath and wrapping up inside a thick, plush towel.

Don’t forget to choose towels in a color that matches the bathroom’s overall theme to add a pop of newness. You’ll enjoy drying time more and add extra design elements to the room.

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2. Absorbent rugs

Another great way to bring extra pizzaz to your bathroom and add some comfort for your footsies after a bath is by updating your rugs! Like updating your towels, updating (or adding) soft, absorbant rugs in your bathroom increase comfort and are a quick way to update your bathroom aesthetics.

bath rug
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3. Pretty shower curtains

You may think that a shower curtain is just a shower curtain, but it makes a huge design impact! If your curtain is tattered, moldy or just too plain, it’s time to think about an upgrade. Choose a curtain that matches the look you’re going for to make one of the most straightforward and least expensive bathroom improvements.

shower curtain with leaves
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4. Bathtub and shower organizers

Bathtub organization is another game-changer. By introducing some organizational tools inside your bathtub, you can decrease that endless amount of clutter lying around every morning. With a shower caddy, basket or even a new shelf, you bring order to the accessory chaos, especially if you share a bathroom with your family.

bath and shower organizer
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5. Fancy tub tables

A stylish tub tray adds a fresh look to your bathtub and is helpful for reading, watching videos or enjoying a glass of wine. They look adorable on your tub when sporting an air plant, and they are a treat for you when you take a bath. It’s a win-win!

fancy bathtub table
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  • Bamboo wood with waterproof lacquer
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bathroom remodel
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Updating your bathroom can seem like a daunting task, but you can freshen up your space in no time with these tips! If you’re gunning for a bigger job — such as a remodel or tub replacement — may want to explore hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.

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