More people remodeling homes during pandemic

Business is booming for people in the home remodeling industry as more people look to spruce up their homes.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — If you’re looking to remodel your home right now, you are not alone.

“Business has come back, which has been great,” says Bill McMaster, President of SimpleBath Ohio.  

“It seems like some of that demand we were supposed to see in March and April have shifted to May and June,” he added.  

McMaster adds that business sales now are matching similar revenue marks compared to this time last year, with his June numbers for 2020 exceeding 2019.

“Some of that was pent up demand,” he explains. “And some of it is people getting stuck in their houses and looking around and seeing opportunities for improvement, and also maybe not taking that summer trip and spending that money on their homes.”

Linda Clem is looking forward to what her house will look like when her kitchen and bath remodel is complete.

“We signed mid-March and that’s when things were starting to get dicey,” she says looking back to when the coronavirus pandemic first started.  “So, we pushed the date to the end of July or beginning of August because they didn’t know how that was going to impact them.”

But then she got a call from Scott Hall Remodeling saying they could start in late June.

“Some of the things we put in place right away helped people feel more comfortable with us being there,” Hall told 10TV’s Angela An.  “We normally put in hospital-grade HEPA filters on our projects.”

Hall also says he limits job sites to 1-2 workers if possible who all wear masks. The crews also put up plastic sheeting to separate the worksite from the rest of the house.

Homeowners like Linda say the extra personal protection equipment helped her decide to move forward with her remodel.

“I decided it was the right thing for me and I felt like I’m helping them get back to what they like to do and do well,” she says.  “So, I don’t have any regrets.”

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