Monzukuri Unveils First Commercially-Available IC/Package Co-Design Tool

ROME, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Monozukuri S.p.A, today unveiled GENIO, the first commercially available IC/Package Co-Design Tool.  The company said that it is able to take orders for GENIO now.

GENIO is revolutionary fully integrated, design environment-agnostic end-to-end IC and packaging co-design EDA platform for 2D/2.5D/3D system design. 

GENIO integrates existing silicon and package EDA flows to create full co-design and I/O optimization of complex multi-chip designs that comprise advanced heterogeneous microelectronic systems.  It is the first tool to seamlessly work across all existing EDA flows to maximize design efficiency and system optimization.

“GENIO is not a promise or partial solution.  It a breakthrough, ground-up tool that is ready for implementation today,” said Anna Fontanelli, Founder and CEO 

“GENIO’s holistic design environment includes complete floor planning, I/O planning and end-to-end interconnect planning combined with cross-hierarchical pathfinding optimization, she explained.

Equally important is the fact that GENIO is agnostic to all EDA flows.  It is not a ‘bolt on’ capability like other co-design options, but a total re-conceptualization and implementation that maximizes design efficiency across system level design.

GENIO‘s complete cross-hierarchical, 3D-aware, design methodologies streamline the entire IC eco-system.  It integrates IC and advanced packaging design to ensure full system level optimization, shorten the design cycle, drive faster time-to-manufacturing and improve yields.

The Duet graphic user interface (GUI) creates an environment where cross-fabric structures can be imported, created, and stored in a common database. The system’s efficient automation allows designers to create, explore, optimize and compare different floor-planning, scenarios and dynamically modify and store optimization results according to the final configuration.

As an integrated IC and packaging co-design EDA tool, GENIO sets a new benchmark for creating heterogeneous microelectronic systems-level design for advanced applications such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and web scale infrastructure.

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About Monozukuri

Monozukuri’s mission is to conquer 2.5D & 3D design challenges for next generation electronic products by delivering innovative, ground-breaking EDA software solutions and methodologies. The technology was developed under the Horizon 2020 European project under the name of HIPER.  HIPER redefines the co-design of heterogeneous microelectronic systems by providing an improved level of automation in three-dimensional interconnect optimization.

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