Monona hires second contractor in wake of controversial June detainment of Black man | Local News

At the time, Young described the couple who called the city’s non-emergency line as white. Police reports released later, however, show the woman identified herself as Latina. And while Young said Furdge had permission to be at the home, police reported that Rundle told them Furdge did not have permission to be at the house because the two had had a falling out years earlier.

Rundle last month said he had been letting Young, his girlfriend and her child stay at the home rent-free for two months, but that he, Furdge and Young didn’t want to talk about the June 2 incident anymore, and he declined to say whether Furdge had been allowed to stay there.

Police body camera video shows that the first officer who arrived at the Arrowhead Drive home announced his presence and waited for backup before entering, after getting no response from Furdge inside.

Two officers entered with guns drawn and a cooperative Furdge was briefly handcuffed before officers determined he was not burglarizing the home. Police have said the officers did not know Furdge was Black until they saw him emerge from a back room, and Furdge’s race does not come up in the dispatcher’s call to the officer who was assigned to the call.

Furdge and Young went to the Police Department on the day of the incident asking to file a complaint over how Furdge was treated, which police say an officer wrote out for Furdge. Furdge has not yet signed the complaint and did not respond to multiple attempts by police to follow up with him to get his signature, according to police reports and police chief Walter Ostrenga.

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