Modern Bathroom Trends

The Home Spa

Remodeling a bathroom is like spoiling yourself, says Jerry Schmidt of Dream Homes. Unlike a kitchen or living room, the bathroom is often a private space just for you. So when it comes to bathroom remodels, Dream Home knows how important it is to fine-tune each remodel to fit the desires of each client.

“Right now, steam showers have been very popular, along with other features like benches in showers, multifunction shower heads, hand-held units and rain shower heads,” said Schmidt. “Many people are going with a free-standing tub rather than old-school jet tubs, because it’s a cleaner and more modern look.”

Given the amount of time we’re all spending at home right now, Schmidt says many bathroom remodels are a way of bringing the spa home to you. From built-in saunas to heated floors, clients are focused on beautifying their bathrooms while keeping the space functional and relaxing.

“Many clients are also remodeling their master bedroom suite along with their bathroom,” said Schmidt. “With an updated master bedroom, closet and bathroom, we create a fully functional space with the feel of a master suite.”

When you remodel your bathroom with Dream House Remodeling, you’ll be involved in the process from start to finish. After expressing your needs and desires to your award-winning designer, they will present you with a colored, 3D drawing of your space. You’ll get to pick from a huge array of materials, colors, styles and products, and see them digitally in your space before making a final decision.

When you’re positive that your dream bathroom is envisioned, planned and approved, your Dream Team will give you a comprehensive timeline of the project so that you can rest easy knowing exactly when your space will be completed by your in-house remodeling team.

Whatever your ideal bathroom may be, if you can dream it, the Dream Team can make it happen.

Victory Homes

Victory Homes of Wisconsin

Style and Design

Part of the Victory Companies, Victory Renovations has been creating happy remodel customers for over 14 years. As a custom builder with a remodeling division, Victory believes that the sky is the limit when it comes to a renovated bathroom.

Because one’s typical day begins and ends in the bathroom, Victory knows that bathroom renovations are among the most important types of remodels. Focusing on comfort and design, they can create a space that accommodates any routine.

At Victory, there are three options to consider when renovating your bathroom. The first option is surface alterations, aimed at simple yet obvious cosmetic changes such as replacing that outdated tiling with something more modern. Then there’s layout; your bathroom may have a solid structure, but that doesn’t mean functionality and convenience can’t be improved! The last option is a complete bathroom renovation, down to the studs, joists and window frames.

“Customers are currently going away from the corner whirlpool tubs and doing larger custom walk-in tile showers with body sprays, rain heads and waterfall features,” said Dave Roembke, VP of sales at Victory Companies. “If they do a tub in the master bath, the free-standing tub is more desired with today’s customer.”

Roembke says that bathrooms are becoming just as important as kitchens for many clients.

“It’s exciting to take their Houzz or Pinterest ideas and design to the customer’s needs and wants,” he said. “It’s even more rewarding to see the finished product from paper to completion.”

From asking all the right questions and providing high-quality materials, to always delivering on what they sell, Victory Renovations aims first and foremost to provide a wonderful customer experience. Remodeling a bathroom is no easy task, but with Victory’s level of quality and its ability to understand its clients’ needs, you can ease your mind knowing you’ll love the end result.


  • Built-in Saunas
  • Free Standing Tubs
  • Walk-in Showers
  • Steam Showers
  • Multifunction Shower Heads
  • Shower Benches
  • Heated Floors



Ganser Company

Bold Design

Offering bathroom remodels and upgrades, from a simple bathtub or shower replacement to a total bathroom overhaul, Ganser Company has over 80 years of experience in the remodeling industry to help make your bathroom dreams come true.

When you choose Ganser Company for your bathroom remodel, you’ll be educated on all options, styles and materials so that you can be sure you’re making the best choice, practically and stylistically, for your home.

Stacey Haberman, CEO of Ganser Company, says that current popular trends include choosing bold styles and designs to create a relaxing environment, with the need for a welcoming space increasingly apparent while people are spending more time at home.

Ganser Company not only utilizes the highest-quality products on the market,

“As a Kohler-certified installer, we are combining our 80 years of experience with Kohler’s 146 years of innovation and design to provide our customers with a bathroom that they will love for years to come,” said Haberman.

The exclusive dealer of KOHLER® Luxstone®, a complete system of walls,   Ganser Company has everything it takes to create a functional, beautiful and enjoyable bathroom.

From shower walls that reflect your style and a shower head that delivers an indulgent drench, to the digital shower system that activates your unique preferences at the touch of a button, KOHLER® LuxStone® amplifies any bathroom, no matter what form your shower or bathing routine takes.

“From the initial meeting, going over the design, to remodeling of the bathroom, our goal is to make the process as stress-free and straightforward as possible,” said Haberman. “Our 80 years of experience have allowed us to take the hard work out of remodeling.”

Investing in the New Normal

Many people have clear financial goals, but reaching those goals isn’t always straightforward. That’s because, like it or not, change is inevitable.

Maybe a baby is born. Perhaps you switch careers. Something totally unexpected— a pandemic, for instance—might alter your circumstances. Your support system is crucial when you’re finding your way to a new normal, and it should include a trusted source of financial advice.

Finding an advice-giver can be relatively easy, but finding one you trust can be hard. Many advice-seekers turn to credit unions because they’re owned by the people who use their services. Credit unions also tend to prioritize customer service, relationship-building and transparency, the right ingredients for establishing trust.

If you’re seeking a financial advisor, consider your strengths, challenges and preferences. Look for an advisor who understands you well, including why and how you spend and save. Someone whose personality and communication style mesh with your own can help you stay invested in your financial future. So can someone who knows how to motivate you—for example, a wealth advisor.

Teo Trandafir, director of Investment Services at UW Credit Union, says a wealth advisor is like a personal trainer for money matters.

“At a gym, you do the workout and your personal trainer guides and encourages you. If you work with Investment Services at UW Credit Union, your coach is a wealth advisor and your goals involve finances instead of fitness,” he says. “Your wealth advisor can provide investment advice, help you strengthen your financial skills and hold you accountable to your goals.”

Those are just a few of the benefits. Your wealth advisor can also tailor recommendations to your needs and identify options that might not be on your radar while providing long-term guidance.

“It’s all part of UW Credit Union’s commitment to putting your best interest first,” Trandafir says.

For details about Investment Services at UW Credit Union, visit


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