Missoula creator Megan Toenyes is ‘a mad machine of content creation’ | Arts & Theatre

Her website bio says she’s “a mad machine of content creation,” emphasis on the word “mad.” Her work embraces the bizarre, strange and surreal, and it reflects a silliness and sense of fun that’s evident in her art, YouTube videos and her personality.

Toenyes grew up an only child until she was 10, when her parents adopted her siblings, so she spent a lot of her younger years alone — hence her mirror game. She loved to draw, paint and was involved in theater, so knew from a young age she wanted performance to be a part of her career path.

In high school, she toyed around with moving to Los Angeles for college, hoping to position herself for a career in the film industry, but ultimately decided the University of Montana’s media arts program was a better fit.

She found her niche in her “Video Editing” and “After Effects” classes, where she learned about motion design.

“The editor is basically the rhythm section,” Toenyes said, adding she was also musical as a kid, singing and playing the piano. “You’re tying together the whole beat and the flow of whatever you’re working on, whether it’s a film or if it’s an advertisement.”

Through college, she developed her technical skills and even honed her performance abilities during a summer ice carving stint with her pageant queen cousin at the Orange County Fair in California.

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