Man Finds $10K Hidden Around Home He Just Bought, Returns It All

A man was stunned when he discovered around $10,000 in cash hidden around a property he had just bought to renovate and sell.

a close up of a piece of paper: Stock photo. A man found around $10,000 hidden in the living room of a home he had just bought to renovate.

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Stock photo. A man found around $10,000 hidden in the living room of a home he had just bought to renovate.

Jim Dow, a franchisee of real estate company HomeVestors, recently bought the house in the Calumet Heights neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, according to CBS Chicago.

He told the station that he has bought more than 50 homes to flip over the past five years, but had “never seen anything even close to this before.”

Dow said he was “shocked” to discover five envelopes hidden around the living room, containing cash amounting to around $10,000.

“It was kind of surreal,” Dow told the local news station. “I thought it might be like being on some kind of reality TV show.”

He found one of the envelopes behind a photo hanging on the wall and another two behind the couch. “I think [the former owner] felt that her safest place for her money was kind of hidden throughout the house,” Dow added.

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He returned the money to former owner Gloria Carter, who had lived in the home for more than 50 years, according to CBS Chicago—and refused to accept the reward her family offered in return.

Carter’s son, Anthony Carter, left an online review thanking Dow for returning the money.

In the review, Anthony Carter wrote that the sale was initially meant to have been completed in March, but stretched on for months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Throughout the process, Jim was both responsive and professional, while being extraordinarily trustworthy and honest,” he wrote.

“He helped my family avoid a significant financial loss by calling us after our business dealings had officially been completed, to return approximately five envelopes he had found around the house, containing over $10,000. And after returning this money, Mr. Dow refused to accept a reward, instead asking us just to pay it forward.”

He added: “On behalf of myself and my family, we would like to give thanks to Jim Dow for his professional work with us in selling the property, through these challenging times we now find ourselves living in.”

Dow told CBS Chicago that he didn’t want a reward and that he’s sure others would have done the same.

“I think there are good people in the world, and I’m not the only one who would’ve done this same thing,” he said. Dow has been contacted for additional comment.

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