iPhone 12 Dummy Leak Reveals Upcoming Design Changes

Photos have emerged of the latest iPhone 12 dummy models, and they offer further clues about the design changes we can expect when the new handsets are unveiled this autumn.

Like the classic iPhone 4 design, and the more recent iPad Pro design from 2018 and 2020, the new iPhone has flat sides and squared-off corners rather than the curvier aesthetic we’ve grown used to over the past few generations. Even the iPhone SE, which had a square design back in 2016, switched to a curved-edge iPhone 8 chassis earlier this year.

iPhone 12 dummy photos from HaAppelistim

The photos were posted on the fan community HaAppelistim (via 9to5Mac). This isn’t a page we’re familiar with, and the nature of social-media communities is susceptible to bad-faith fakes in any case, but there isn’t much reason to doubt these images: dummy models are created ahead of every iPhone update, and these fit with current rumours.

iPhone 12 dummy photos from HaAppelistim: 5.4in model

This image shows the new 5.4in screen size expected to debut this autumn

At the same time, let’s be clear about the limitations of dummy leaks. They don’t come from Apple. They come from accessory makers, who build dummies to help them create cases ahead of the launch, and do so (usually) based on current rumours rather than insider information. In other words, dummies are best viewed as a visualisation of current speculation rather than new information.

iPhone 12 dummy photo from HaAppelistim

Finally, bear in mind that dummies are created with specific requirements in mind: making sure that the screen, buttons and various apertures line up with the design of a new case. It generally doesn’t matter for these purposes how large the notch is, for example, since both the screen and the notch need to be unobstructed; we also understand that the rear camera module on these dummy models doesn’t (or may not) represent the final design.

The four new iPhone 12 models are expected to be unveiled in October this year rather than the usual September launch date. To catch up on all the latest leaks and rumours, read our iPhone 12 news hub.

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