Improvements planned for Hannibal Park | Local News

Hannibal Park in Beatrice may receive improvements in the near future after the Gage County Board of Supervisors approved a $40,000 grant from the visitor improvement fund.

Gage County Tourism director Kristin Jensen discussed what the upgrades will consist of during Wednesday’s board meeting.

“We have a grant application to improve the Beatrice girls softball fields here in town,” she said. “They are requesting $40,000 for a few different things to make some improvements, to replace some of the fencing as well as make it a regulation fastpitch diamond for championships and Beatrice girls softball team. They are wanting to put in a lighted area for warmups and additional spectator seating. They want to replace the backstock with a much taller netted one that would be safer for spectators. They want to make things more handicap accessible, the dugouts and make them bigger.”

Two additional sets of bleachers would also be installed under the proposal.

The total project cost will be around $90,000.

Jensen recommended the grant proposal be approved, and said it will further enhance tourism efforts in Gage County.

“Every time there’s a championship or tournament all of the hotels and campgrounds fill up, so that really helps us out with lodging tax,” she said. “We really like to see the hotels full, so that’s a really good thing for us.”

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