Important things to know about influencing customers’ decisions

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The reason for marketing is to influence the buying decision of customers. Successful marketers know what can appeal to their customer. They also know the things that directly determine their buying decision.

If you are a marketer in the real estate industry, for instance, and would want to know about house selling, then this article will teach you all you need to know about how the buying decision of a customer can be influenced.

Some of the things that influence the buying decisions of customers are:

Positive Reviews

A research conducted by Spiegel Research Center in 2017 to find out how reviews can influence the decision making of customers, confirmed that almost all shoppers go through reviews before buying products. It is to this end that most customers go through review platforms like to get unbiased information about products before making their decision.

It was also discovered that factors like average star rating, presence of negative reviews, prices of products, and the risk that comes with buying of products are some elements that reviews are dependent on. The presence of negative reviews can massively decrease the sale of a product. A product with high reviews will likely get better sales.

An expensive product comes with a higher risk. Customers, therefore, depend heavily on reviews so they don’t want to waste money. The first ten to fifteen reviews have the greatest impact on customers and customers will more likely buy products that have been reviewed by a verified customer than go for a product that has been reviewed by an anonymous customer. This means that reviews are important in engaging customers.

Brand Visibility

People are easily familiar with products that appear easily on the google search page. The best thing that can happen to a product is for it to appear on the first page of google search results. This is because a lot of people don’t have enough patience to change the other pages or scroll down.

A study called ‘The Secret Life of Search’ was carried out to know how customer search behaviour has changed over the years. It was discovered that a lot of consumers go for products they are familiar with.

Customers Feelings When They Go Shopping

The emotional state of a customer has been linked to customer shopping behaviour, for instance, some customers go shopping as a way of reducing stress. Also, frustrated people buy fewer things. If a website or company has very poor customer service, customer patronage will not be optimal.

While a lot of customers prefer online shopping due to the ease, too many, websites that do not load fast or are not responsive enough, or require having to input information twice or thrice during check out, can be big turn-offs for customers. Customers will rather go for a website that loads very fast, a website where customers experience a quality store experience and a website with a good delivery service and customer care.


It has been confirmed that customer convenience greatly impacts their buying decisions. According to the Quest for Convenience Report conducted in 2018, about 32% of consumers go for products they find convenient to use.

Companies looking for ways to attract more customers should endeavour to make the entire customer experience hassle-free and efficient.

Lastly, taking into account the factors mentioned above will equip business owners with the necessary information and skill they can use to influence the buying decision of customers.