How to Remodel a Kitchen on a Small Budget | Home Guides

According to the 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value Report, published annually by “Remodeling” magazine, a midrange major kitchen remodeling project cost an average of $57,215. A minor kitchen remodel cost $21,411. Nevertheless, kitchen remodeling can be done on a smaller budget, although it may not be as extensive as a more expensive project. Before you begin, make a list of priorities that need to be replaced, and plan a thorough, realistic budget.

Paint walls and cabinets for an immediate face lift at a minimal cost. To lighten the kitchen atmosphere, paint cabinets in a neutral color such as white or beige. For a large kitchen, consider rich tones such as dark brown or maroon.

Replace faucets. As noted at Rafter Tales, “You can keep your budget down by selecting basic, functional models made with quality materials,” while still giving your kitchen a fresh look.

Install a tile backsplash for a trendy, contemporary look that will also prevent wall stains and water damage. If you already have a backsplash, freshen it up with sponge paints or stenciling.

Replace kitchen flooring with inexpensive materials, such as laminate, linoleum or vinyl. These materials typically cost between $3 and $9 per square foot, and are easy to install.

Paint countertops with a faux stone paint. Be sure to use primer for nonporous surfaces before you apply the paint. Allow at least 24 hours to dry.

Replace hardware, such as drawer pulls and door handles. Be sure to choose hardware that fits in with the overall style and theme of your kitchen.

Replace light fixtures and add more lighting if necessary. As noted at Kitchen Renovation Guide, poor lighting can make any kitchen seem dreary and dull.

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