How to Name a Handyman Business | Small Business

One of the most important tasks you’ll work on during your business start-up is naming your handyman service. “Handy Sandy,” for example, projects a different image than “Sandy’s Handyman Services Inc.” While both are appropriate for a handyman service, they illustrate how a business name does more than simply identify a company. The name you choose for your handyman service will define and brand your business.

Compile a list of words that represent your handyman business. Consider the types of work you include in your service, as well as how your business is unique. Making same-day or emergency visits, or focusing on a specific market, such as people preparing to sell their homes, are ways to set your handyman business apart from other similar businesses.

Construct business name possibilities, using your list of words that represent your business. Look for options that describe your business, would appeal to your target market and are easy for consumers to remember. For example, if your handyman service focuses on helping small business owners, Honey-Do Services wouldn’t be a good name choice because it fits better with a residential services. Also, choose a name that fits your business, but doesn’t prevent you from adding more services. If you limit your business name to Handyman Inc., and later want to add cleaning services, your business name won’t reflect your additional offer.

Conduct a trademark search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark office online to make sure the name isn’t already taken. Using a trademarked name can result in a lawsuit and the need to change your business name, which will mean re-branding your handyman business. There is no way of knowing if a trademark holder would discover your use of its name, object and sue you for trademark infringement, but since its a form of stealing, it best to develop a name that is unique.

Contact your secretary of state’s office to find out if there are any registered companies in your state that are already using the name. For example, in Houston, you’d search the Texas Secretary of State Direct website for business names. Also contact your local city or county business office for local businesses that may be using the name. The city of Houston’s OneStop Business center offers business information for the city, as well as Harris County. It is possible to operate a business under a name that’s already taken–unless its trademarked–if you provide a different service or do business outside the other business’ area. Ideally though, you should choose a name that is unique.

Check to see if your business name choice is available as an online domain name. All businesses, even local handyman firms, should have a website.

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