How Bears’ Cordarrelle Patterson sees Mitch Trubisky’s improvement in one glance

Might I interest you in an especially eloquent clichè about Bears’ quarterback Mitch Trubisky? 

For all intents and purposes, the Bears have been practicing for two days. They’ve been ramping up and conditioning at Halas Hall for a few weeks now, but padded practices, against one another, started this past Monday. And if you can believe it, one of camp’s biggest stories thus far has been Mitch Trubisky 2.0 (3.0? 4?). Conveniently enough, in a summer when his job – and NFL relevance – depends on Trubisky showing up to training camp a new man, Trubisky has apparently shown up to training camp a new man.

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“He actually looks like a whole new player this year, man. I just see it in his eyes,” 2019 wide receiver/2020 running back Cordarrelle Patterson said. “Each and every day, he’s got that fire on him. That’s what we need out of our quarterbacks. That competition. It brings the best out of everybody, so I’m excited. We’ll see what him and Nick can do competing for that job. It’s going to be a good year.”

” … the mental side of it, decision making, where he’s going — so far, so good,” Matt Nagy added. “But we want to now continue to just see that get better and better to where we have 100-percent accuracy with that … “

In spite of that small moment of praise, Nagy’s generally downplayed any and all Trubisky assumptions through the first part of camp. The incumbent got most of the first team snaps on Monday, with Nick Foles taking over with the starters the following practice. The switch wasn’t an indictment of performance, according to Nagy, and instead just how the team plans to hand out snaps over the next few weeks. Until QB1 is decided, Foles and Trubisky will rotate days with the 1’s. 

“It’s a little different,” Trubisky said. “You just have to know the situation, know what’s asked of you within the play as a quarterback, and just go out there and do your jobs. Sometimes you’re just going out there for one play and giving a handoff today, or you’re going out there and trying to get the ball in the end zone with a pass. But I think it’s just an adjustment.” 

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Trubisky’s never been a poor leader – even when he was posting career-low passing numbers (with a bum shoulder, to be fair), there was never even a peep of dissatisfaction about the quarterback’s role as a leader. He conceded, however, that he feels a more “heightened sense” of personal intensity because of how 2019 ended and the competition it created. Last year’s level “wasn’t acceptable” and sharing snaps for the first time in his four-year career has raised that level of urgency. And maybe it’ll all end up being lip-service, but right now, Trubisky’s teammates are noticing. 

“It’s only my second year with him, but I can just tell,” Patterson added. “I’ve been in the league a couple years, and just seeing how he’s grown from Year 1 to Year 2 with me. The way he’s handling things. I feel he’s been more of a leader. Last year I didn’t feel like he was that guy, but this year he’s taking over. He wants everybody to know that he’s that guy and we can come to him when we need something. He’s doing a helluva job with it.”

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