Housebuilder offers bespoke home design service to buyers

Innovative house builder Kingswood Homes has launched a revolutionary design option that lets buyers decide on the interior layout of their new home to suit their own individual lifestyle.

For what is believed to be the first time, customers will be able to decide on ground and first floor plans and have their traditional build home custom-made.

Kingswood managing director Paul Jones believes it is a unique offering and it comes in response to the COVID-19 lockdown.

He said: “Since lockdown everyone, me included, is using their home differently.

“People are working from home so need a separate home office or maybe a separate play room for the kids or an extra bedroom suite for a dependent relative.

“So why are we deciding on the number of rooms they may need or the layout?

“Over the last months we have worked hard with the designers and construction director on different layouts and can now offer all Kingswood Homes customers different layouts at both ground and first floor.

They can have the right space for them – right from the start.”

He added: “It does require huge innovation and effort on our part, and I believe we are the only developer of our size to offer this – contemporary designed houses, traditionally built to last, where buyers can choose their own interior layout.”

Preston based Kingswood Homes builds around 100 properties a year and the innovative Shape Your Home is available on current developments at Blackburn and Forton in Lancashire and Hatherleigh in Devon.

Customers decide on which of the many different house types they like and the plot they want and then view different interior options created by the designers to suit their way of life.

Paul said: “Our properties often have large open plan kitchen/dining areas with doors onto the garden which suit big sociable gatherings.

“But practically someone may now be working from home more and need a dedicated closed-off space. Or a play room for smaller children or a chill out zone for teenagers.

“On our large four- and five-bedroom homes, buyers may decide they want to configure the space with three large bedroom suites, for example, or have a dressing room. It really is up to them.

“They can then personalise further, choosing bathroom tiling, kitchen units, flooring and other options so each property is bespoke to them and they can visit site to see how their home is progressing so they are truly part of the journey.”

He said: “The lockdown has changed lots of things – but primarily reinforced the importance of our homes and how they can affect our wellbeing and quality of life.

“Fixed floorplan layouts are done for the convenience and cost saving of large developers, not the joy of customers – we have flipped that right around. The customer is in charge.

“We have always prided ourselves on not building identikit boxes on soulless estates and buyers already appreciate the character houses we build around open community green space, and Shape Your Home takes it to another level.”

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