Home remodeling sees uptick during the pandemic

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) -If you’re looking to remodel your home, you aren’t alone. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an uptick in home remodeling projects.

Home remodeling uptick during the pandemic

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Home remodeling uptick during the pandemic

COVID-19 has forced many people to stay-at-home and observe the projects, they might have never had the time to dedicate themselves to before. KMVT spoke with a local flooring business owner, who confirms that when the pandemic first hit – the downfall in business was hard. But later, as the new normal started settling-in, the calls have not stopped. However, their hands and supplies are limited.

“The issue is trying to find qualified people to do the installation in our case. It’s just so busy right now that it’s tough to find,” said Steve Gentry, who is the owner of Gentry Flooring. “With the pandemic, it affects so many things that we don’t even think of like where you are getting the materials made from. Even the sample department has backed up and has not been able to get samples out.”

Gentry adds, precautions are being taken in his business during this time. All workers have gotten tested for the virus. Also, the company recommends their customers wear masks, but doesn’t force anyone to do so.

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