Here Are The Kardashian-Approved Appliances You’re Missing In Your Kitchen

Whether you’re a home cook or not, picking out the proper appliances can be a challenge. Not only is there so much to choose from, it can be difficult figuring out what to even buy. This is why, many turn to online reviews, top influencers, and of course, the Kardashians for help.

Last Christmas, Kris Jenner gave Kim, Khloé, and other Jenner-Kardashian family members a set of SMEG appliances from the Italian brand’s luxurious collaboration with Dolce & Gabbana and the world took notice. The designer collection included a Sicily inspired juicer, electric kettle, and so much more. Holiday hype aside, the high-quality housewares continue to shine in many homes and beyond taking the Kardashians’ word for it, Forbes got insight from two standout influencers about exactly what makes the brand so special.

Since self-made experts Kayley McCabe of @thekitchenmccabe and Mallory Fletchall of @reserve_home use and review the products right at home, they know the ins and outs of the SMEG line. It appears next-level baked goods, pasta, and coffee are the most memorable things the brand can deliver. The mixer has become a customer favorite due to the adjustable speeds (ten, to be exact), which allows a variety of texture and consistency with the kinds of mixture you can whip up. As far as coffee goes, the espresso machine and coffee maker easily make brews any barista would be proud to serve, but more importantly, it’s beautifully designed instantly making it a focal point of any countertop.

Moreover, SMEG is continuing to innovate taking into consideration newfound customer needs due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The programs we initially set up for the long-term future are now being sped up and we’re rapidly responding to the ever-changing appliance landscape and consumer needs,” SMEG USA’s Marketing and Events Specialist Christian Boscherini told Forbes. For more details about the company’s future, tips on the best appliances, and overall advice on setting up your dream kitchen, check out our joint interview with McCabe, Fletchall, and Boscherini below.

Isis Briones: First, what should you do and not do when designing a kitchen?

Mallory Fletchall: “You should use materials you will love for a long time. In the kitchen, I think timeless over trendy is always the way to go in terms of design. Calculate your storage needs and design your cabinets and layout around those needs. Think outside of the box when it comes to storage. I love a bit of open shelving, as it helps break up often-bulky upper cabinets, and allows you to display cherished items, house plants, and the like. 

Next, don’t use materials without doing the research on upkeep. If using stone for countertops, for instance, make sure you know how to care for them long term. Don’t overburden a small kitchen with bulky cabinets. If possible, limit the number of upper cabinets or break them up with some open shelving. Consider using deep cabinet drawers instead of cabinets with shelves, as they can offer more space for storage and are better for keeping things visible and organized.”

IB: Kayley, you have some incredible baking recipes, what’s your best advice for someone who has very little experience using a mixer and the oven?

Kayley McCabe: “Start simple! Choose a recipe with easy ingredients and a few steps. This will give you an opportunity to understand the appliances and how they work. As you get more comfortable, work your way up to more complex recipes.”

IB: Can you share with us some of your favorite savory recipes to cook?

KM: “I love cooking quick and easy one-pan meals like a hash or shakshouka on my gas range. Steady, easily controlled heat makes it all so flawless and easy to turn out quality, perfectly cooked meals.”

IB: When it comes down to quality, how does SMEG compare to the rest?

Christian Boscherini: As a family-founded business that’s still run by family today, there’s an elevated sense of pride and care taken that drives SMEG to produce only the best. SMEG also utilizes an internal design studio to draw from experts, pooling as many resources as possible, which carries out painstaking research into aesthetics and style. We have the support of internationally-renowned architects including Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, the Piano Design studio, Marc Newson, and Giancarlo Candeago. Knowing how to combine technology with style is the key for SMEG in creating products that become truly iconic.”

IB: Mallory, if there’s one appliance you can’t live without, what would it be and why?

MF: “Our SMEG Drip Coffee Machine. I love the reusable coffee filter, and the design makes it the first coffee machine that we’ve loved the look of.”

IB: Lastly, how has the pandemic positively affected the company?

CB: “Brewing a cup of coffee at home was once an optional luxury, but is now becoming common as people spend more time at home or prefer to dine out less in general, all things considered. Last year, SMEG acquired the historic Italian company La Pavoni, widely known as the inventor of the modern espresso. This acquisition will make it possible for us to share specific know-how, while affirming the strength and quality that comes with being Made in Italy. We’re also studying new methods that will improve ovens, both built-in and freestanding. Our energy is going into developing a new product line that saves space and increases cooking performance with a combination of functions that allow the user to cook faster, healthier, and easier, while reducing energy consumption.”

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