‘God protected us’: Couple escaped gunman who shot two St. Louis police officers from their home | Law and order

At about 11 p.m., police called out: “Come on, son, you have a wife and kid” and “you gotta come out.”

The department deployed tear gas canisters into the home, police said. 

Steve and Mimi Haag went back inside their home to grab a few items despite lingering tear gas inside Sunday morning. Several windows were also broken from tear gar canisters that were shot inside by police. The gunman pulled out drawers and left blood stains in the home because he attempted to cut his wrists, Steve Haag said. 

Police said the suspect was taken to a hospital with injuries, but was released back into police custody Sunday morning. He has not yet been publicly identified. 

Police Chief John Hayden told reporters Saturday that police had not found another shooting victim besides the two police officers anywhere around the scene. The department did not immediately respond to questions from the Post-Dispatch about the man who told the Haags he had been shot. 

The officers were “trying to do their job, that’s all they’re trying to do and they’re suffering under gunfire,” the chief said. Hayden said the incidents are part of a surge in violence this summer and asked residents to pray for the officers.

“We’re trying to cope through a very trying summer and it’s very difficult,” Hayden said. “It’s very difficult.”

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