Garage Door Installation | Costs, Pros and Cons

When it comes to garage door installation, you want to hire the right professional for the job. This guide will help you make an informed choice and show you everything you need to know about garage door installation.

What garage door installation services are available?

Most garage door dealers will offer installation services as well, which is one route you can take. You can also find reputable and local garage door installers on websites like Airtasker and Oneflare. Not only can you compare pricing and expertise, but you can also read actual customer reviews on these sites.

What is included in a garage door installation?

After you have decided on a style and design of garage door and placed the order, your garage door installation will include:

  • A visit from your installer to measure the garage door space
  • A convenient time will be scheduled for the day of installation
  • Your old garage door will be removed
  • Your new garage door will be installed
  • Proper insulation and sealer will be applied
  • Trim and accessories will be added
  • Garage door opener will be installed
  • Instructions on how to use the remote will be given
  • Final inspection to ensure everything is in good working order

Can I install my garage door myself?

Installing your own garage door is only recommended if you are a tradesman or have experience with such a project. Installing an automatic garage door opener will require a licensed electrician.

How much does a garage door installation cost?

The cost to install a garage door depends on the type of design you choose for your home. On top of that you have to figure in the cost of the garage door opener, which can run you anywhere between $350 and $450.

Here’s a breakdown of price ranges for different types of garage doors according to

  • Single roller door $600 to $1,350
  • Double roller door $1,350 to $1,850
  • Single sectional door $850 to $1,900
  • Double sectional door $1,400 to $5,000
  • Single tilt door $1,700 to $2,250
  • Double tilt door $2,200 to $2,750

How do I compare garage door installation services?

Check with at least three garage door installation service providers in your area and ask for a quote. You will need to know the measurements and style of your new garage door in order for them to give you a true estimate. If you are hiring an independent installer, search sites like Hipages, Airtasker, and Oneflare where you can you can easily compare prices and read the online reviews and ratings from actual customers.

How should I prepare for a garage door installation?

Make sure the garage is empty of cars and free of any objects that might get in the way of the work that needs to be done. It is best to schedule your garage door installation on a day when someone is home.

What to consider when hiring a garage door installation handyman?

Working with a garage door dealer is much easier as they have experience in installing the particular door you’re purchasing. Professional installers should have valid indemnity and public liability insurance.

Here are some questions to ask your installer:

  • Can I get a quote in writing?
  • Have you installed this model of garage door before?
  • Can you provide references?
  • When can you start and finish the job?

Do I need to be at home for a garage door installation?

It’s a good idea to be home the day of your garage door installation. Your installer might need to ask you questions and show you how to operate your new door and your home may be left open for a short period of time between removing the old garage door and installing the new door.

Pros and cons of a garage door installation


  • A brand new garage door adds value and curb appeal to your home
  • A properly installed garage door is safe and secure
  • Installing a high quality garage door adds extra insulation against heat and cold
  • A garage door that is professionally installed will last longer
  • The right garage door can save you money on car insurance


  • Garage door installation can be expensive
  • Improperly installed garage doors can be unsafe
  • Garage doors need maintenance and repair

Finding the right professional for the job is an important decision when it comes to garage door installation. Knowing what to look for can help you make the right decision and save you money in the long run.

Frequently asked questions about garage door installation

What types of garage doors are available?

You can choose from wooden, aluminum or steel for your garage door. They come in three main designs, including roller doors, tilt doors, and sectional doors.

What finance options are available for garage doors?

Most dealers offer financing on big ticket items like garage doors. Your other options include a home loan or charging it to your credit card.

Should I install a garage door myself or hire a handyman?

It’s best to hire a professional for garage door installation. It needs to be safe, secure and in good working order to ensure it lasts and functions properly.

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