Fugitive who escaped through court bathroom window caught

LYNDON, Vt. (AP) — A fugitive who escaped from a Vermont courthouse through a bathroom window was caught by police a day later in a grocery store parking lot.

Travis Johnson, 33, was in police custody at the courthouse in St. Johnsbury for sentencing Friday when a Lyndonville police officer removed his hand cuffs and allowed him to use the first-floor bathroom without supervision, the Caledonian Record reported. Johnson climbed out of the bathroom window and fled.

On Saturday, Lyndonville Police Chief Jack Harris, who was in his personal vehicle, spotted Johnson in a car that was leaving the White Market Plaza Store parking lot in Lyndon, police said. Harris blocked the vehicle with his own and then took Johnson into custody at gunpoint, police said. Johnson did not resist arrest and was being held at the Northeast Regional Correctional Facility in St. Johnsbury. It was not immediately known if he is being represented by an attorney.

Johnson had been arrested by police Friday on two warrants, including failing to appear in court for multiple convictions including burglary, grand larceny, unlawful mischief, possession of stolen property, forgery and multiple violations of conditions of release. He was found hiding under a bed in a camper, police said.

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