Fricilone Calls On Newman To Disavow ‘Defund the Police’ Movement

HOMER GLEN, IL — GOP Congressional candidate Mike Fricilone, who is running against Democrat Marie Newman in Illinois’s 3rd Congressional District, issued a statement condemning the ongoing and most recent violence that has been occurring throughout Chicago. He accused his opponent of siding with “extremists,” such as Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“It is high time for our elected leaders to take action to keep our neighborhoods safe. Criminals have been given free rein throughout the City of Chicago and suburban Cook County. Just this month we’ve seen children being shot in the streets, criminals attacking police, and rioting and looting in a fashion that hasn’t been seen in Chicago in over 50 years.

My opponent, Marie Newman, has sided with extremists who want to defund our police. This is completely out of step with the mainstream values of our 3rd district and continues a pattern of Newman pushing the extreme policies of socialists Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Residents of our district support our police who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.”

Fricilone also demanded that Newman denounce the “defund police movement and show people in the 3rd Congressional District that “she shares our values.”

“[Newman] must return all the money she has received from politicians and political groups that support defunding our police and making our communities unsafe,” Fricilone said.

Newman responded to Fricilone’s comments, stating that now is the time to “build bridges, not walls.”

“[And] that’s exactly what our campaign is busy doing. Just three weeks ago, our Interfaith Coalition hosted a panel discussion with Chief Mitchell Davis, first vice president of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, and community activists to discuss how we can work together to combat systemic racism, steps our government must take to address the root causes of crime and poverty, and the need for reforms that will build trust between law enforcement and our communities as well as strengthen public safety. We are already doing the work to build those bridges and to bring our communities together. I have always fought for and will continue to fight for practical solutions for all communities in Illinois’ Third District,” Newman said in a written statement.

Fricilone is a member and the Republican Leader of the Will County Board. He claims to be running for Congress to “bring bold and fresh ideas to Washington to move our community forward.” He is an active sports coach in our community, a 30-year member of St Bernard’s Parish, president and a charter member of the Lockport High School Charitable Foundation, and has spent the last six years on the board of directors of the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center.

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