Electrical contractors install life-saving equipment

Manager at The Fort offices in Artillery Business Park, Jess Jones with electrical manager at Nexus Electrics Ady Ethelston

The work was carried out across the town, with one location being Artillery Business Park, an exciting redevelopment of the former World War One and World War Two military base.

The business park provides commercial units, serviced and virtual offices, and meeting room facilities to a huge range of businesses. The defibrillators are to ensure the safety of all workers in the area, meaning they are always within easy access of life-saving equipment.

Nexus Electrics, which operates out of Shropshire and Mid Wales, felt it only right that they continue to provide for their community with these life-saving installs.

Ian Hodgkiss, director of Nexus Electrics, said: “Working to help local businesses feel safe in their workplace is a huge part of what we do. The safety and welfare of the people of Shropshire is so important to us and we are proud to work with other local businesses to create positive change.

“Taking care of health and safety within businesses, so business owners can focus on their growth and getting back on their feet, is something we take great pride in here at Nexus Electrics. We are excited to see this project develop as we continue to provide community defibrillation equipment. This is another step in the right direction to make our workplaces safer and we look forward to working on further projects.”

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