DIY LEGO Project Transformed a Kitchen Peninsula Brick by Brick

LEGO in Kitchen DIY

Muralist Racheal Jackson completed a DIY in her kitchen by constructing a new wall brick by brick. But instead of the conventional clay slabs, she opted to create a colorful design for her kitchen peninsula using LEGO blocks. The statement-making addition was a brilliant way to inject some youthful fun into the room.

Jackson has long been a fan of the building bricks. “I’ve loved LEGOs since I was a kid,” she tells My Modern Met, “and I am really intrigued by the juxtaposition of playful ‘children’s’ materials in more mature, adult spaces.” She had the idea for the project many years ago but was just waiting until she had the right place to do it in—an all-white kitchen gave her a blank slate to create. “The graphic, colorful punch that the blocks add was a no-brainer!”

Although not a large wall, the DIY project took several hours for Jackson to complete. A lot of that time was spent “scouring her LEGO buckets” to find the right bricks for the project. She opted for a lot of primary colors, but she also included some pastel-colored blocks as well as LEGOs that could hold Minifigs and other bricks that allow her (and her kids) to build outward as opposed to just upward.

Interested in building your own LEGO wall? “This project is an easy one for anyone who has LEGOs to accomplish it,” Jackson explains. “It’s essentially just building a tall wall.” There’s no tape or glue necessary, as the finished piece is just wedged between the cabinetry trim. While not the most secure solution, it’s easy to put back together if a piece does come off (or if you want to switch out the bricks). The benefits are worth any trouble. “My kids love having it in the kitchen, and I just love the visual interest and unique perspective it brings to such a white, grown-up space!”

Muralist Racheal Jackson created a brilliant LEGO DIY in her kitchen.

LEGO in Kitchen DIY

She transformed one wall of a kitchen peninsula using the colorful building bricks.

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My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Racheal Jackson.

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