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PARK HILLS, Mo. (KMOV.com) — A disabled veteran claims a local businessman left her out of thousands of dollars and also destroyed her property.

Dianne Thomas said she can’t believe the outcome after she hired Robert’s Handyman and Contracting to build an addition on her Park Hills home.

“Only time he wants to work is when it’s raining,” Thomas said.

Thomas paid $44,441.25 for bags of trash, mounds, ruts and an odd creation in her yard.

“[He] put in an illegal shed without a roof on it and dug a big old trench,” she said.

The man who built the flimsy shed is Robert Taylor. He lives up the street from Thomas in his mobile home with a giant cross in the front yard.

Initially Taylor agreed to do an interview with News 4, but he never showed up.

According to the city of Park Hills, Taylor demolished a mobile home on the vacant lot next to Thomas but “never provided construction details of the proposed project to obtain a building permit.” But it doesn’t stop there.

“He keeps sending me texts saying in three days there’s going to be a lien against your land and everything you own. He says I owe him more money,” Thomas said.

Over the phone, Taylor told News 4 something similar to what he told Thomas. Taylor said this deal cost him $60,000. And that baffled Thomas who said she received nothing of value. She now has a bid from a different contractor for more than $20,000 to clean up the mess Taylor left behind.

“I don’t know where $44,000 went, much less owing him more money,” Thomas said.

After missing our interview, Taylor sent an email saying “sorry I have no comment until the case is settled in court witch [sic] I filed a lien against her property mouths [sic] ago.”

Turns out Taylor did make good on his promise and filed a mechanic’s lien against Thomas. Taylor sent us another email saying “she had me and my entire crew tresspassed [sic] off her property by Park Hills Police Department while we were working. Even after she told me she had no money to complete the job without the inheritence [sic] from her father’s estate so she entered into a contract knowing she had no money unless she won probate hearing.”

None of this makes sense to Thomas who is left with nothing but a mess.

“This is my forever home but I lost my forever dream. I have no way to build it now,” Thomas said.

Thomas said she called the police but they told her it’s a civil matter. The Park Hills police chief told News 4 that he’s willing to have a conversation with Thomas about this matter.

Thomas has also set up a GoFundMe since she says she has no way to finish the renovations.

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