Design Ideas for a Stylish Bathroom

We all have someone to go to when we are a little down and drained of energy or flooded with happiness and emotions. The same goes with places as well. Places that you would love to be at when you need a little solace. Places that are meant for the perfect “me-times”. And these could be places at your own home too. Ideally, the bathrooms, where you can get that those extra-minutes of sleep in your bath-tub after the drowsy you has woken up; the elements in your bathroom that can give you the morning hues for the rejuvenation you need, to start each day. Here we give you a list of stylish bathroom ideas that will re-inspire you to change the look of your bathrooms.

Wallpapers on the walls of a bathroom are pretty common, but how about on the ceiling too? Wallpapers that range from soft pastel floral designs to random geometric patterns with bright colours; from vintage collection to a starry milky-way wallpaper, there is whole range of creativity to choose from. You could just stare your way to imagination when you are lousily lazing away in your bathtub.

Big wall mirrors tend to give a spacious look to your bathroom. From frameless mirrors to mirrors on Art Deco style, designers have given innovation a trendy modern look. For innovations in the bathroom, how about using the mirrors as the doors of your wardrobe decks -floor to ceiling types ?Plus the use of white in such bathrooms tend to bounce the huge amount of light reflecting from these mirrors and keeps the room fresh and bright.

We like to keep our houses cramp-free and this applies to bathrooms as well. There is a range of hanging storage where you could place your rolled up towels, toiletries and other essentials. You could fit your coat hooks beneath your mirror or under your vanity basin for that extra storage. Also prefer to use stacked racks/vertical racks for minimal use of space.

Pebbled walls and floors are getting increasing attention owing to the incredible looks it can give to a place as well as the random patterns and sizes of nature’s natural beauty, used in flair. It feels great to have these pebbles placed underneath your feet-that soft and milky feeling that can relax your senses. The random beauty of this coastal-inspired model is what gives top rating to this innovative design.

Who doesn’t love to play in/with water? The latest on bathing is the use of rain style shower heads that comes in a range of sizes and a lot of nozzles that let you control the velocity of the water flow to make for an ideal spa bath with gentle velocity to a rainforest shower with high velocities that gives you the feeling of drenching in a heavy rain. Also use a glass screen for your shower area to give a more romantic look to that place with those water droplets gently cruising down the glass. Such beauty!

Exposed brick walls could turn your bathrooms to have a rusty yet contemporary look. You could choose to either expose the red of those bricks or paint those exposed bricks in the colour of your choice to give a classy, sassy look to your bathroom. This can be accompanied by some antique furniture that contrasts with the colour of your painted bricks. Use of a large stone bath with green foliage around could turn your bath area into a private paradise. You could also use vintage laces around your bath tub for a chic blend of rustic and romantic and enjoy your own private moments.

This is just a small list of bathroom decor ideas that can sparkle your idea of innovation. Or just let your imagination run wild. It can come up with sizzling trendy ideas with which you can surprise yourself.

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