Delaware County 3rd grader’s invention gaining national attention

DELAWARE, OH (WCMH) — A third grader from Delaware is getting some national recognition for her inventions that help solve everyday problems.  

“It’s a team effort with coming up with the ideas,” explained Kristin Wilder, mother of Vera Wilder, a nationally recognized child inventor.  

Vera Wilder is using her imagination and problem-solving skills to help make life easier, more efficient and a little less messy.  

“I cleaned the bathroom and she and her brother went in to brush their teeth and a few minutes later there was toothpaste all over the sink and the mirror. And I was like no this is a problem; you need to invent something to solve it. Come on girl,” explained Kristin.  

So, Vera invented the Toothbrush Brush. 

 Th PVC pipe invention is pretty simple. Vera explains how it’s supposed to be used.  

“The water goes in through the top and I put my toothbrush in and I rub it on the bristles that will clean it while the water comes on.”  

Wilder entered the invention into a statewide competition where it won first place. Then she aimed higher and entered it into a national competition where she just recently found out she placed second out of thousands of applicants.  

“We never expected she would win second place so we are really proud of her,” noted her mom, Kristin Wilder.  

“The ‘Ready Set Innovate’ competition is through ‘Innovation World’ and part of her prize was to work with the co-founder of “Inventors Launch Pad” and he helps inventors take their inventions to market. Part of her prize was working with him to create market ready prototype of the toothbrush brush that she could potentially sell on the market one day,” explained Wilder. “He meets with her for zoom calls each week and he will show her his ideas. It’s been fun and empowering for her to have that experience working with him. He’s been an excellent mentor and explains even the littlest things like what a CAD drawing looks like.” 

At only 7, Vera is getting the tools she needs to turn her creative concepts into reality. 

“I get to help people with problems,” she explained.  

They aren’t sure when the prototype will be finished but they hope it’s picked up by a store or sold on Amazon when it’s done. 

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