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Green beans tahini

Green beans with tahini-lemon mayonnaise from “365” by Meike Peters are delicious, even if the mayonnaise breaks. (To avoid this, make the full recipe instead of cutting it in half!)

My partner and I camp for different reasons. He likes the quiet in the trees, the stars over Peninsula State Park, the unstructured hours to read, do old crosswords and play guitar.

I mainly like two things: getting out of town (at a price we can afford) and cooking with gas.

We call our style “comfy camping.” This involves special inflatable mats for back support, a six-person tent for two people and a Coleman propane stove. This year, I took time the day before we left to make a fresh batch of granola, stem green beans and chop and bag onions, mixed peppers and carrots, all for faster onsite prep. I even pre-measured bags of pearl couscous, rice and dried pasta and wrote cook times right on the bag.

Before we left, I’d been loving a new cookbook by the Berlin- and Malta-based author Meike Peters. “365: A Year of Everyday Cooking and Baking” is organized month-to-month, encouraging hyper-seasonal cooking. She keeps ingredient lists short, and it’s easy to scan a full month to find what you’re in the mood for — spaghetti with tapenade and sautéed zucchini, peach cake with cinnamon-sugar crust, grilled prawns with herbed potato salad.

Recipes, as always, shared when possible. I hope this gives you a few ideas for summer produce and taking your cooking out of doors.

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