Create a covetable kitchen that is designed just for you

There’s no such thing as overthinking the details when it comes to a new kitchen. “Good design isn’t solely about how beautiful something looks. It runs much deeper than that,” Deasy Ramón reveals. Originally an architect, she later honed her skills as a project manager and interior designer. Deasy is now based at Neptune by Global Village in Dublin 12, just one of Neptune’s many Irish locations.

Like all Neptune designers around the country, she oversees the design of the brand’s kitchens to ensure every finished product is an ode to form and function. 

“It’s about how something intuitively behaves too; understanding what you need and it being there, waiting, as and when you need it – whether that’s a hidden pantry or concealed under-counter space for all your electrics,” she says.

The recent lockdown has made a lot of homeowners rethink how their living space functions, Deasy says. “We’re busier than ever with kitchen designs. What I love about working with Neptune is we also have flooring, paint and accessories in our remit, so neither I, nor our customers, need to go anywhere else to source finishes which perfectly compliment the bespoke cabinetry.” 

A Neptune kitchen design journey begins with a visit to your local store, where you instantly get a sense of how the brand harnesses quality materials and clean aesthetics to create tranquil and stylish spaces. 

The result is a Neptune kitchen that is handmade by expert craftspeople, made from sustainable hardwood 

You don’t have to visit in person either: all stores now have virtual capabilities. “During lockdown we did a lot of virtual consultations, with customers sending us pictures and videos of their kitchens, or giving us a live tour on their phones,” Deasy says. “Likewise, we were doing video tours of our showrooms and providing all the details and options by email or over Zoom. It was so successful we have permanently added virtual consultations to our offering.” 

Following your initial consultation, one of the Neptune team will visit your home to fully understand the space, lighting and any specific requirements – such as awkward angles – to have an in-depth design session. 

“We’ll go over colour palettes, samples, textiles and layouts, and take measurements. I work on creating a complete set of plan drawings and elevations, 3D visual colour graphics, including mood boards and sample boards with recommendations of flooring, paint, full colour scheme, work surfaces, hardware, appliances and renders, and obviously a detailed quotation,” she explains. 

The result is a Neptune kitchen that is handmade by expert craftspeople, made from sustainable hardwood that is built to last, hand painted in your choice of colour from the Neptune palette.  

Although no two kitchens are the same because Neptune’s designers will challenge you to create something unique, there are four distinct collections you can base your decision on. Each has its own distinct aesthetic and lots of clever design ideas hidden behind those expertly-honed doors. 


Neptune’s very first kitchen began as a few key pieces – a chopping block, a dresser and a table. “This is our most traditional design, with classic moulding around the cabinet fronts and works really well in period homes. It’s made from tulip wood and hardwood ply, and the cabinet exteriors and interiors can be painted in any colour from our palette,” Deasy says. 

“There are often tall ceilings in Georgian or Victorian homes, so we might use the extra height space to run full height cabinets and you can have a rail designed to run along the top, which a gorgeous oak library-style ladder hooks onto.” There are also great laundry and utility options in Chichester, from the two-tiered washer-dryer cabinet to broom cupboards and an oak rail airing cabinet.


“The only collection where you can have exposed, natural North American oak or we can hand paint the timber. More often than not we use a mix of the two,” Deasy says. This style uses drawers cleverly, with some hiding within other drawers. “The larder has a clever double-layered oak rack that folds out, giving you as much storage space as possible. Inside the bin cabinet, there’s a little cubby to store liners,” she adds.


This Shaker-inspired range is the most popular collection with Irish customers. “It’s a very pared-back, which looks as good in a cottage as it does in a contemporary family home,” Deasy says. “People fall in love with the full-height, double-door double larder, which is a real showcase piece with cavernous storage space, adjustable shelves, spice rack and deep vegetable drawers and it is great for stowing away electrical appliances too. 

“The drawers and cabinets are painted on the outside and have a contrasting, solid oak interior, which a lot of customers choose to highlight with subtle LED lighting inside.


The most streamlined design, Limehouse is the only one of Neptune’s kitchens which is entirely frameless, where lots of features are concealed, such as a sunken extractor fan, and an under-sink fold-out cabinet which incorporates a stainless steel cubby for hiding washing up bits and bobs. “This is a beautiful choice for contemporary homes and apartments. It looks so smooth and polished,” Deasy notes.

From 1st to 31st August 2020, Neptune will send you a €100 voucher for every €1,000 you spend when you commission a design project. To find out more visit

Form and function
The design details that matter

Bi-fold brilliance
Suffolk countertop cabinets do not have a bottom shelf, so when you open the bi-fold doors the worktop flows seamlessly. Ideal for keeping appliances plugged in, yet hidden when not in use.

Double duty
Instantly elevate a laundry room with the Chichester appliance cabinet, specifically designed to take two machines, with ventilation chambers built in. An elegant, space-saving solution.

Pantry perfection 
Should you have the space, a dedicated pantry room, just off the kitchen, is back in style.

Spicy shades 
While off-whites and inky blues are still the most popular colours, there is a shift towards dark green, aubergine and saffron for cabinetry.

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