Colin and Justin: To buy or to DIY?

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Rule 8 – Respect the past.If you’re lucky enough to own a classic Scandi sideboard that’s seen better days, or a lovely old piece of ‘Arts and Crafts’ that needs a little love, consider sensitive restoration as opposed to full on stylistic transformation.

Rule 9 – Be appropriate.A farmhouse chic update with distressed paint and chicken wire panels will generally look more at home on an old woodsy furniture item, rather than on a flat packed particle board piece from a big box store. It’s all in the mix, huh?

Rule 10 – Investigate new products to add to your creativity.From chalk paints by Annie Sloan, specialist primers from Rustoleum or tile stencils that can be used on furniture – there’s a wealth of product to make your transformation a rip roaring success.

It’s fair to say we love DIY projects, as they provide an opportunity to birth singularly unique results from items that were (potentially) headed for the local landfill. And of course being frugal Scots – we hate to see anything going to waste.

So carpe diem: get out there and flex that transformative muscle, mindful, of course, that it’s not how much money you spend, rather where – and how – you spend it that makes the biggest difference. Tape measures brandished, screwdrivers poised and glue guns at the ready: the transformations clock is ticking. On your (decorative) marks, get set, GO!

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