Cardi B Wants Teach Her Fans How to Clean Their Bathrooms — Here’s How She’ll Do It!

Cardi B does it all. She raps, she acts and now she wants to teach her fans how to take care of themselves. In a recent interview, the rapper announced her plans to give her fans lessons in cleaning their bathrooms. 

Cardi B Grammys
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She was a guest on the Zach Sang: Just the Interviews Podcast on Aug. 7 to discuss her latest release, “WAP” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Here’s how Cardi B plans to provide real world life skills to her fans. 

Cardi B will use OnlyFans to charge for subscriptions 

OnlyFans allows fans to subscribe to artists for exclusive content. Cardi B says she’ll make OnlyFans where she responds to rumors of feuds she’s having with other artists. 

“I hate it,” she said of the rumors that plague her. “When is it going to finish? Sometimes I could wake up and it’s like I see that bullsh*t, like how? I didn’t even do anything. What did I do now? It can be fake receipts, fake rumors, fake this, fake that. I don’t even want to address it but people want to believe so much [stuff] about me I just gotta be like nah, cut it.”

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She would prefer to just ignore the rumors, but if they won’t go away, at least she can profit off them.

“Sometimes people make lies and fake receipts about me,” she said. “If people’s goal is to get me mad and respond to them, if you want a response, y’all gotta pay for the response.”

As long as she’s using OnlyFans, Cardi B can use it for good too

Fans may subscribe to Cardi B’s OnlyFans for the real dirt, but she can use it to deal with other kinds of dirt. The rapper plans to provide useful how-to videos for young viewers as well, rather than constantly addressing rumors.

“I’m going to be doing it sometimes if I feel like it,” she said about addressing rumors on OnlyFans. “I’m going to be doing a lot of content on my only fans teaching girls how to do certain things. I feel like some people don’t know how to clean their house. Maybe I do a tutorial how to clean their bathroom right.”

A preview of how to clean your bathroom

Even Cardi B has to do her own housework right now. She feels it might be useful to show others, since she has a platform people are watching. 

“Sometimes I soak myself in the bathtub, right?” she said. “I have my little zen moment and probably the next day, my daughter don’t want to use the shower. She wants to take a bath in the tub so what I gotta do? I’ve got to clean the tub myself because I cannot wait til the maid comes. So I be cleaning, hell yeah. I feel like some people don’t know how to clean so I’m going to teach them how to clean.”

Cardi B | Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

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Cardi B may also discuss personal medical topics on OnlyFans, too.

“Sometimes I’m going to talk about content,” she said. “People love and always wonder about surgery. Maybe I can go live on my OnlyFans and talkk about about surgery and aftercares with them.”

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