Best restaurants at Chaos Kitchen in Shibuya Parco

Hidden among the cool restaurants of Shibuya Parco’s Chaos Kitchen, this shitamachi (downtown) izakaya-style restaurant serves only vegan dishes. The main dish is the mock karaage made with soy meat instead of chicken, which comes in five different flavours including grated radish, Chinese black vinegar, Sichuan style hot and spicy, sweet and sour, and teriyaki mayonnaise. The outer coating of the tapioca flour gives the chicken an extra crunch while the inside is tender and juicy.

The gyoza is also a popular item, filled with minced veggies and soy meat. You can order each separately but we recommend the teishoku (set meal), which comes with a bowl of rice, soup, and pickled mustard greens for about ¥1,200.

Chinese-inspired side dishes – all at ¥550 – include the nikumiso moyashi (miso-flavoured ground ‘meat’ over sprouts) and kyuuri no namashoga (cucumber marinated in oil and ginger). Whether you’re here for lunch or dinner, don’t miss out on the free-flow lemon sour for ¥400, which gets you unlimited refills until all the ice in your cup melts.

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