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A dark-colored tub against light floors provides striking contrast.

A claw-foot tub is a stunning focal point in any bathroom. Its graceful lines and regal appeal give it an inviting look of pure luxury. Remodeling a bathroom with a claw-foot tub can take a variety of design paths, ranging from traditional Victorian to edgy contemporary and everything in between. Determine a remodeling budget that fits within your financial comfort zone to avoid overspending. In addition, check with your local government for required permits and building regulations when making structural changes to a bathroom.


Remodeling a bathroom with a snowy white palette provides fresh, modern appeal. It also supplies a neutral canvas for injecting bolder colors. For example, a claw-foot tub with a glossy black finish looks stunning against crisp white walls. Or create a contemporary feel with a lime green tub against stark white walls. A dark brown tub helps to warm up a space with cozy, cottage appeal. Applying metallic paint — copper, gold, silver — to a tub’s exterior adds a touch of upscale shimmer.

Walls, Windows and Floors

Adding budget-friendly beadboard halfway up a bathroom wall enhances a claw-foot tub with a vintage cottage look. The vertical panels also help to visually expand the height of a bathroom with low ceilings. Wooden, white shutters or vertical blinds complement almost any decorating style. They also open wide to provide an unobstructed view to the outdoors while soaking in a warm bath or supply complete privacy when desired. Avoid natural hardwood flooring in bathrooms, as it can cause the wood to shrink or expand, resulting in warped wood. Opt for the look of natural hardwood flooring with engineered wood floors. These floors are constructed with multiple thin layers of real wood that are sturdy and resist expansion or shrinkage that can result from changes in humidity levels.

Fixtures and Lighting

White fixtures — toilet, vanity, sink — enhance the fresh, vintage appeal of a claw-foot tub. A pedestal sink is ideal for smaller bathrooms, while under-counter cabinets provide convenient storage space in larger spaces. Give a claw-foot tub some glitzy illumination by centering a sparkling chandelier directly over it. Not only does a stunning chandelier supply a designer wow factor to a bathroom, it also provides a stunning focal point to gaze at while enjoying a warm bath.

Other Ideas

Knocking down a bathroom wall to add a bay window or small nook provides a cozy spot for placing a claw-foot tub. A recessed area under a dormer window is also an ideal space for tucking away a tub. A shower conversion kit can increase a claw-foot tub’s functionality by transforming it into a shower when desired. Add a heated towel bar, under-floor heating and a cozy bath rug to increase the comfort level derived from a bathroom remodel.

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