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KENDALLVILLE — A first look at what could be a new three-story office building in downtown Auburn caught a lot of eyes this past week.

David Hefty, on behalf of 3:16 Real Estate LLC, has submitted a development plan for a building to house office and retail tenants at 200 E. 7th St., on the northeast corner of the courthouse square.

Credent Wealth Management would be the anchor tenant for a 30,000 square-foot building, according to the application. Hefty is chief executive officer and co-founder of the investment company, now based at 112 E. 7th St.

A public hearing on the application is scheduled during an Auburn Plan Commission meeting Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. in the council chambers of Auburn City Hall.

The story was the most-viewed on during the week from Oct. 1-7. Here’s the Top 10 stories of the week:

1) Plans for downtown building revealed — 3,835 pageviews

2) Larry Gilbert, county surveyor, dies suddenly in office — 3,167 pageviews (4,188 total)

3) Second East Noble School Board member resigns — 2,847 pageviews (5,505 total)

4) Woman admits to leaving children in hot van — 2,805 pageviews

5) Newest officer followed hoop dreams to U.S. — 1,659 pageviews

6) Steuben County records new death as state sets new record for COVID-19 cases — 914 pageviews

7) All four counties in yellow in this week’s COVID-19 ratings — 900 pageviews

8) Animals perish in Garrett house fire — 876 pageviews

9) Andrew Bullock (obituary) — 838 pageviews

10) Officers, dispatchers honored for saving children from hot car — 814 pageviews

On the KPC News Facebook page, the new Auburn office building, a notice about an Angola JV football quarantine and the state’s first week of COVID-19 schools data were the top posts of the week:

Oct. 2: Take a look at downtown Auburn’s next transformation — 16,954 people reached, 77 reactions, 15 shares, 12 comments

Oct. 2: After an early-afternoon tweet from Athletic Director Steve Lantz, the Angola High School JV football team is now on the list of local quarantined teams due to COVID-19 — 5,488 people reached, three reactions, five shares, one comment

Oct. 1: A new dashboard showing case counts for Indiana schools came online today, with the numbers showing northeast Indiana has seen a relatively small impact at school — 4,607 people reached, 32 reactions, 14 shares, 16 comments

On the individual newspaper Facebook pages, the Angola JV football story, Auburn’s downtown office and Noble County’s school COVID-19 numbers were the most popular posts:

Oct. 2: (The Herald Republican) Add the JV Football team from Angola High School to the local ist of quarantined athletes due to COVID-19 — 6,437 people reached, seven reactions, 16 shares, two comments

Oct. 2: (The Star) Take a look at downtown Auburn’s next transformation — 359 people reached, 126 reactions, 24 shares, nine comments

Oct. 1: (The News Sun) Four East Noble schools have had at least one case, Central Noble is COVID-free, West Noble has had at least one student or teacher case at all four of its buildings and Lakeland, Westview and Prairie Heights have had some cases — 1,019 people reached, 15 reactions, seven shares, 12 comments

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