Allen County log cabin heading to Indiana

ALLEN COUNTY — The unassuming house at the corner of North Conant and Harris roads is being torn down to clear the property.

The single-story dwelling was built in 1920, according to the Allen County Auditor’s website, but its construction may have been way before that, given what was found underneath the siding, plaster and shingles.

The house at 1499 N. Conant Road actually started out as a log cabin.

The property is owned by Erik Kimmet. He bought it from his parents in June of this year. His parents purchased it in 2014 and discovered the history the house was hiding.

“It was pretty interesting because when we first bought it, we weren’t expecting it. I was looking for ground at the time to build another property, you know, build a house or a building. I rented it for a few years as a rental house and then it got to the point it was going to need a lot of work and then this guy reached out to me from Indiana and said he’d be interested in buying the cabin,” said Kimmet.

The unidentified buyer of the cabin has been busy stripping away the siding so he can transport it back to Indiana.

“I do know that back in the day it was an old general store for that area — it’s what I’m told by some other people in that area. It’s so cool. I love the history behind it. I wish I knew more of it,” Kimmet said.

Kimmet says he’s happy the cabin will have a second life.

“I didn’t want to just tear it down so I put it out on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and then this guy had reached out to me about two years ago,” Kimmet said.

The Indiana man didn’t have a way of getting it back to the Hoosier State then but does now.

“He started tearing it down last Thursday. He’s going to number all the logs and everything so that he can set it back up. I believe he’s going to set it back up in a woods like a little primitive cabin for his family to use,” Kimmet said.

A log cabin was found underneath the shingles of this home at 1499 N. Conant Road in Allen County. The cabin is headed to Indiana where it will be repurposed for the new owner’s family.

This log cabin is one example of what early settlers in Allen County might have built. This cabin is being dismantled and will have a new life in Indiana after it’s restored.

This house at 1499 N. Conant Road started out as a log cabin. It’s being dismantled to be restored and relocated in Indiana.

Dismantled and tagged log timbers can be seen where a log cabin has been disassembled at 1499 N. Conant Road in Amanda Township. The cabin is headed to Indiana, where it will be repurposed for the new owner’s family.

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